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Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Survived It All!

On the outside, I seem to adapt well to change, but on the inside, change makes me want to go hide under a rock until everything goes back to normal again. There has been nothing but changes at work because the Fossil is retiring. They gave me a crash course in phlebotomy and ECG usage and then flung me into the clinic with a needle and some electrodes in my hand, patted me on the back, and told me good luck.

The ECG was pretty easy to master, but I still get so nervous when it comes time for the blood draw that my hand starts to shake. I don’t even know why I get so nervous about it. I guess I just feel bad about poking someone with a needle and making them bleed even if it is for a good cause. Despite of my shaky fingers, I’ve completed 5 blood draws so far, and I done all of them on the first stick. I’m so proud! However, I have always been supervised for my blood draws, but starting next week I’m on my own and it makes me sick to my stomach to think of doing a blood draw, without having some moral support behind me. Even though, I like having the Fossil around when I’m drawing blood, I am so happy to see her go. Today is her last day and I was jumping for joy when I saw her leave early today. I just shook my head and thanked the Lord for letting her be so lazy that she couldn’t even put in a full day of work on her last day.

I’ve also been cleaning house with my social life, finally getting Rocky out of my present and into my past. It was definitely a struggle, but I think that he has finally realized that I’m never going to take him back and has at last stopped calling me and has stopped leaving little presents at my door.

But the most worthwhile change of all was finally getting my own apartment. I move in May 1st and can’t not wait to finally have my own place with no roommates, no parental units, just me. This weekend, I’m going on a furniture shopping spree for living room and bedroom sets. I’m probably going to spend a small fortune and run up a few credit card bills, but my mother says that now’s the time to get what I want even if it’s a little expensive. She says that once life starts to happen with marriage and children that I will spend the rest of my life settling for what is practical instead of what I want. I should treat myself to luxury while I can and before one thing really does lead to another.

It’s still amazing to me how many changes that I’ve made this month. I’ve definitely experienced a few growing pains, but each ache of exchanging my old habits for some new wisdom was well worth the effort. April did more that just shower a little change over me. It quite literally picked me up, tore me apart, and created a new me. Luckily, it seems that the worst of the storms are over, andnow all that I have left to do is to sit back and enjoy the bloom of all of my May flowers.

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Monday, April 23, 2007


About a month ago I met this guy at Café Coco. I was with my good friend Barefoot in Blue who is notorious for finding intriguing men to entertain us. I was sitting at the table enjoying my food, when Barefoot in Blue returns with three TSU types. Anyway, one of them in particular took a liking to me and when he found out that I salsa dance, he tricked me into giving him a hour long lesson right there in the café. He took me to the junkbox, let me pick out 18 songs of my favorite salsa songs, and the rest is history. We even got a few random locals involved with our lesson that ran way past 5 o’clock in the morning. Since that night, we emailed and text message constantly. He seems to have a particular aversion to actually talking on the phone, so I like to call him Text because I can always see his words better than I can hear them.

Text is a delightfully sentimental fellow and does the sweetest things just to prove that chivalry is not dead. For example, after our first date he sent me a thank you email saying how much he enjoyed my company and wrote about the particular parts of our conversation that he liked the best. He even attached the tracks that the piano man sang during our first date. Plus, he really listens to every word that I say, and if something I say interests him, he’ll actually go home and do research on it.

We talked a lot about music on our first date. He’s a Jay-Z, NWA type of brother while I’m a hopeless rock and roll girl. Anyway, I mentioned the Gym Class Heroes to him saying how they’re a good fusion of rock and hip-hop, and Text actually looked them up and surprised me with tickets to go see them in Louisville. I was so amazed. Who does such thoughtful things? Plus, the drive up to Louisville really helped us to learn a lot more about each other.

The concert was excellent and though Text in an advent hip-hop fan, he had to admit that these rock bands were great. The opening act in particular was fantastic. The band’s name is This Providence and their music was so good that I had to buy their cd right then and there and I’ve been listening to it non-stop ever since. And of course the Gym Class Heroes were wonderful, definitely worth the three hour drive.

Anyway, Text has really impressed me, but don’t worry I’m not rushing into this one. Everything is moving at a snail’s pace romantically which is all right with me because I still have a little Rocky drama left to deal with. Also, I’m resolved not to make Text into my knight in shining armor. I always build my men up too much in the beginning, only enjoying the good qualities and ignoring the flaws. I’m well aware of Text’s pros and cons and refuse to get swept up in a rollercoaster of emotion just because things seem to be going well because that’s exactly when things tend to blow up in my face.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

A Man Obsessed

It’s been 3 long months since we first broke up, and still Rocky refuses to go quietly into the night. I’m starting to realize that Rocky is not a man in love, but really a man obsessed and his obsession has taken him to new level of stupidity.

The Saint told me that Rocky brought him a beer Friday night and then bent his ear about me. Rocky asked the Saint to help him get me back, and if he was successful at getting us back together that he would pay him 2 THOUSAND dollars. I could not believe my ears, but this scheme is just so illogical that it has to be true. Rocky is definitely not the wisest man that I know, and it speaks true to his senselessness that he would think that he could buy me back and that he could think that the Saint would not tell me the truth.

Of course, the Saint is going to tell me the truth about the offer. The Saint even seriously tried to convince me to get back together with Rocky for about two days to get the money and split the two thousand dollars. I laughed at how excited the Saint was about the whole idea, but I didn’t even consider that offer for one minute. Rocky is a complete idiot and I can’t, in good conscience, take average of someone who lacks all common sense.

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